By Susi Ellis and Kathy Tanner

Well, maybe not so much …but what the Lure Flowering Bridge lacks in color, they add in interest. In October, volunteers and visitors alike join together with hot glue guns, sequins, rebar, and fake hair to make mesmerizing “Pumpkin People” ~ an annual favorite. You could look throughout the gardens to discover whimsical and creative ways to turn your typical pumpkin into anything but. Taking on all of their own personalities there were beauty queens, babies, bats, even ice cream cones….Nothing is impossible with a little imagination. In November the bridge sprinkles Fairy Gardens within the various gardens. Some artistic, some creative – all unique. Fairies in teacups, fairies in purses, fairies in apple crates – always with the intention of making some whimsical fun. Taking on a life of their own, they grace the gardens all winter for you to enjoy.  December on the bridge epitomizes the season of lights. What they lack in flowers, is made up in sparkling lights, fresh greenery, berries, and bows. Joy – pure joy! That is the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge….watch it happen, watch it change, enjoy each and every moment – even in the short days of the winter.

Mardi Gras is one of our favorites, bright colors in the middle of winter. And then right on the heels….. our famous Tip Toe Through The Tulips.  Tulips in shoes…..

Note: The Bridge will host four crafts parties in January and February to create garden art for the fall 2018 Lake Lure Arts & Crafts Fair. Meet at Town Hall (back entrance), 10am-1am, Wednesdays January 3 and 17 and February 7 and 21. For more information, contact Eleanor Bails at