By Robert Taylor

My many years of evaluating customer stamp collections have taught me and the client some valuable lessons regarding storing of the material. Moisture is not good for coins and is DEATH on stamp material. I have seen many a nice collection stored over the years in a garage or storage locker sadly damaged.

Here are my recommendations for storing your stamp material:

* Store your albums vertically with the album binder up towards you. Stamps on the various pages can be squashed tightly if stored horizontally.

* Store the material you have in a plastic bin with a sealing top. Do not use cardboard boxes of any kind.

* ALWAYS store whatever stamp material you have in a climate controlled area within your home.

* Many collections contain various sized glassine (see through) envelopes. These also need to be stored vertically.

* Loose stamps should be placed in an envelope (preferably a glassine envelope) and stored vertically.

* Many collections also contain catalogs or reference books. These should be stored vertically also.

* If a collection contains sheets of postage stamps that were probably obtained at the post office years ago, these need to be stored with glassine sheet protectors separating each sheet. If not, the sheets can and will stick together rendering them useless.

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Happy collecting!