By Bailey Gregory

I have been going to Lake Lure Classical Academy since I was in the second grade. It was my first time transferring schools, so I was nervous about what things would be like at Lake Lure. My mom took my sister and I to the first open house and I immediately felt welcome. The teachers were kind and thoughtful, and the few peers that I met that day became some of my closest friends. Everyone seemed so friendly and nice.

I am in ninth grade at LLCA now, and I wouldn’t want to go to any other school! Lake Lure is small, but every year we have grown in size and in heart. You don’t have to worry about what people think of you. Lake Lure accepts everyone for who they are, which is an important concept in schools. I don’t just love the friendliness and the Lake Lure community, but I also really enjoy the education!

I am always excited to go to class and learn something new. The teachers challenge us with new problems and activities, which inspires me to always do the best that I can. Our teachers always stick up for us and help us with any problems that we face, which is comforting to know that they care for each and every one of us. I am also a member of our National Junior Honor Society, which is another amazing part of our school! We hold several large community service projects together throughout the year, including the Canned Food Drive, Relay for Life, and the Yuda Band Project that our school participated in last year. Each event raises money for the school and organizations that help the community. The National Junior Honor Society is also a good way to bond with your peers and to have fun while helping a good cause.

LLCA also has fun after-school clubs, sports, and even a yearly musical! I participate in the musicals, theatre, and previously ran with the cross country team.

No matter which club you join, sport you play, or friends you have, LLCA will appreciate you for you. If you aren’t already a student at Lake Lure Classical Academy, please check us out. I wouldn’t want to go to any other school. LLCA is an incredible place to learn, live, and to just be yourself!