As we settle into 2018 I suggest hitting the pause button. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for goal setting, making plans (in pencil), strategizing, forecasting, improving and dreaming of possibilities ahead, but I    don’t want to be so busy with the business of moving forward that I (and you) miss an important moment to pause.

‘Too busy for a time out? Glance upward to appreciate the moon particularly this time of year. See on this page how Blaine Cox caught the moon with his camera reflecting the morning sunrise in the east just before it slipped away in the west over the lake and Hickory Nut Gorge. That infinite vision of moon, stars and galaxies beyond should cause all of us to pause!

Yes, winter can be a time of reflection when our views here In the Gorge dramatically expand. Changes in outdoor scenery and temperatures cause most of us to stay inside rather than to be ‘out there’.

Taking that into account, and after you’ve had a good pause, winter may be a good time to get away (see page 3), visit art museums, art shows (see pages 7 and 28), read a new book (see page 15), catch up on local city government (see pages 5 and 8) and school news (see pages 7 and 9). From computer security (see page 10) and winter gardening (see pages 13 and 26) to health matters (see pages 22 and 29) and inspiration (see pages 21 and 27), you will this Breeze edition informative and a ‘go to’ source for many fine services offered by Breeze advertisers.

I think there is wisdom in making this year a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself, even pause – I bet you won’t miss a thing.


Dave Leestma