By Kevin Cooley

Mayor of Lake Lure, NC

Kevin Cooley with wife, Yvonne, being sworn in as Mayor of Lake Lure by Andie Calvert, Town Clerk (R). Photo by Blaine Cox

First off… thanks to my neighbors, friends and citizens for electing me to be Lake Lure’s new mayor. Next, thanks Bob Keith for being a great mayor for the past 8 years and setting high standards for this public office. I begin my 2-year term with tremendous enthusiasm, optimism and commitment … and a little anxiety rooted in the age-old axiom, “you don’t know what you don’t know”.


As we embark together on 2018… I think it’s a good time for our town and for me to make some New Year’s resolutions. First, let me share my list and then suggest some things we can resolve to do together. Here’s my “mayor” list:

  1. Be a good listener… approach Town issues and decisions with an open mind… continue Mayor Bob Keith’s open-door policy… be accessible and encourage constructive citizen input every day.
  2. Have a “sense of urgency” and a “bias for action”… make timely decisions and then “act” on them– sooner than later!
  3. Focus on what’s most important and urgent… don’t put off the big issues… be confident that there’s a solution to every problem… think outside the box… be confident and brave.
  4. Be responsible and accountable… learn from successes and failures (my own and others’)… get “better” continuously over time (throughout my term as mayor)
  5. Be a good team player… respect and support my fellow Town Commissioners, our Town Manager and Town staff.
  6. Work (very) hard and smart to be a good mayor and humble public servant.


So what can we “resolve” to do together 2018? Here are some things to consider:

  1. Be interested and engaged in “what’s going on”… don’t sit back wondering what’s happening in our community and waiting for someone to tell us… take initiative… inquire… get involved… show up at public meetings… volunteer… invest some time/effort to be informed.
  2. When voicing opinions and suggestions, do it with “civility”… get the facts first… respect others opinions and views… embrace the “Community Covenant”.
  3. Be good stewards of the Gorge… appreciate the amazing natural setting we get to call home… protect and preserve it for future generations.
  4. Appreciate and be good hosts to visitors… remember that Lake Lure is a “mountain-lake resort community” that relies upon seasonal residents and tourists to support local businesses and attractions that full-time residents get to use and enjoy year round… most of us who now live here year-round were visitors first.
  5. Embrace responsible growth and economic development… understand that it’s critically needed for our Town’s long-term sustainability and can be effectively managed and controlled in a manner that preserves and enhances the quality of life in our community.


Let me know what you think. Send me an email: .


Best regards and Happy New Year!