By Bob Keith

Who said “A picture is worth a thousand words”? In an attempt to encapsulate our December town business, I’ve surrounded this article with a number of photos taken by Blaine Cox at Lake Lure’s December Town Meeting. The main theme of the meeting was a change in personnel. On center stage, Kevin Cooley was sworn in as our new Mayor with John Kilby assuming the seat of Mary Ann Silvey. It was a Kilby for Silvey swap. A huge thank you from all of us to Mary Ann for her eight years of dedicated service to the town. John Moore retained his seat to serve along with Bob Cameron and Stephen Webber on the next Town Council. John was also reelected Mayor Pro Tem.

The evening was enhanced by the presence of Rutherfordton Mayor Jimmy Dancy and his wife Ginger who presented a gift to outgoing Mayor Keith and welcomed Kevin to his new role as Lake Lure Mayor.

Other personnel moves included: reappointment of Linda Turner, Tom McKay and Bob Wald to the Asset Management Advisory Board; reappointment of Sonya Ledford and Dan Brenerman and appointment of Michael Yelton to the Lake Advisory Board; to the BOA/LSAB, reappointment of Mark Hoek and Melvin Owensby, a movement of David Lusk and Lyn Weaver to regular members, appointment of Bill Bay as a regular member and appointment of Neil Gurney as an alternate member; reappointment of Larry Czajkoski and Ed Dittmer to Parks and Rec; and “phew”, reappointment of Tony Brodfuhrer to the ABC Board. Zoning and Planning had no changes.

The Utilities Board, Asset Management Advisory Board and BOA/LSAB are in need of additional people. Application forms can be found on the website so please consider service to the town. Our Boards and Committees are the heart beat of our town and essential to the success that we all experience.

And not to be forgotten, Town Council had a resolution honoring the memory of Wade Nelon, who together with his sons and family, has performed trash removal services for the town reliably, punctually and effectively for 47 years. The entire family was in attendance and is to be commended for an unbelievable job well done.

Now it’s time to move on. We wish the new Council, Town Manager and all who serve on town staff and the various Boards the best and brightest 2018 and all the years to follow. Have a happy, healthy and safe journey!