By Adam Bowles

Greetings fellow golfers. The winter season is upon us and it will soon be time to put our clubs in the garage and wait for that perfect day to bring them out.  If the weather behaves like winters of years past, we will have some terrific opportunities to get on the course.

Here are a few tips and ideas of how to approach winter golf and what you can do when you cannot make it to the course:  First, and foremost, try to get out on the golf course whenever you can, but maybe try to play a few rounds of golf and don’t take score.  Try to not take golf so seriously and find ways to enjoy your round of golf with a friend or maybe a few friends.

Play a fun format of Captains Choice against another group.  This way everyone is involved and no one feels left out or feels the need to compete for every shot.  Next, try to play a high visibility golf ball that can stick out in the winter grass.  Not only is it easier to see but it is tons of fun to chase around an electric yellow golf ball.  Also try to make sure you are properly dressed with key word being “layers”.  Try to avoid wearing that huge, bulky jacket and layer your clothing with a compression shirt, vest and a pullover.  This will keep you warm and also help with not restricting your golf swing.

If you can’t make it to the course find a location that has a golf simulator in it to brush up on your game.  They are a great way to enjoy time when the weather is cold, and also try out some of the latest equipment on the market.

If you need a quick warm up from a beverage, stay away from alcohol and turn to green tea or coffee to raise up your warmth.  Even coconut milk will help raise and maintain high body temperatures.   Lastly, hot hands are the most valuable thing you can have in your pocket while playing.  Keeping your hands warm while golfing is critical and will also keep you on the course longer.

Remember, having fun is the most important thing about golf and when it gets cold, just use some of the above tips.  See you on the links soon!

Adam Bowles PGA, is Golf Operations Manager of Rumbling Bald Resort, Lake Lure.