By Bryant Williams

Winter gets a bad rap.  It’s really not so bad.

It can be a peaceful time for which we should be glad.

The garden has gone dormant so put away the hoe.

The lawn is sleeping now so there’s nothing you must mow.

Of course up North there’s a problem with all the snow and ice,

But here in the South most winter days can often be very nice.

The golf courses are usually open to play the winter through.

The hot and humid days are past, and now the crowds are few.

Basketball is in full swing if it’s sports you like to watch,

But watch the TV snacking or let out your belt a notch.

Nightfall comes more early.  It’s a good time for some reading.

A cozy chair, a glowing fire, and a lamp is all you’re needing.

So hunker down and don’t complain and get all out of sorts,

When you have to get out sweaters and put away the shorts.

There are ways to enjoy winter, while not of your favorite seasons.

God put this one in place, and He must have had His reasons.