By Bryant Williams


Now spring is springing and the birds are singing.

And it’s time to bury those dark winter blues.

The weather is better, and you just need a sweater,

So get out; there’s those holiday pounds to lose.


Daylight Saving Time is here with more daylight hours.

Allowing more time for outdoor recreation.

For the Irish in us there’s St. Patrick’s Day,

Wearing green, partying, and sampling a bit of libation.


Easter and Passover are highlights for the faithful.

It’s also time to get out the bats, the gloves, and balls.

For the baseball season is just warming up.

And from the lake and streams the fishing gear calls.


And this is the time that we know summer is near.

We look forward to bright sun and warm April showers.

With many delights we welcome the fresh new sights,

Dogwood blossoms, azaleas, and other beautiful flowers.


Ah Spring!