I haven’t been a great grandmother long. It’s quite an amazing hat to wear. Knowing that, you can perhaps appreciate why a certain book caught my eye when I was recently “sorting-and-purging” my book shelves.

Here we are in the year 2018. Our world could almost be viewed as a Swiftly Tilting Planet or even that we are caught in A Wrinkle in Time or A Wind In The Door. These books have catchy titles which draw kids in, but so do old friends of the grandmotherly type. And when, The Summer of The Great Grandmother came into view I was hooked. What I have not told you is that the youth-directed collection and the great grandmother book all came from the pen of Madeleine L’Engle. She came from another era. But, she is a gifted writer for all ages. Time warps and intriguing plots capture kids’ imaginations. And they can lose themselves in the stories. But, I’ve personally enjoyed another visit to the story/diary-like writing style of Ms. L’Engle. Maybe you’ll have your curiosity piqued to take a sampling as well.

I am especially drawn to series/sequels and ponderings of Ms. L’Engle.

Her journal-like format is based on her own real life experiences. The Crosswicks Journal is a trilogy published in the 1970‘s: A Circle Of Quiet, copyright, 1972, based on some of her earliest journals. The Summer Of The Great-Grandmother, 1974, is described on the back cover as “a somewhat unconventional memoir of a much-loved parent.” It is a book concerned with the aged and the dying. . . .” I found it particularly moving because I was able to identify so solidly with folks in our frame of reference who’ve experienced the same realities [of end of life dementia] in their families. And we’ve seen first hand what that can mean. What a rich personal treasure that writing is.


Even if you are not familiar with this writer or this trilogy, I’m giving you my own “testimonial” about its place in my heart and my memory. Though each of the three Crosswick Journals speak to me in different ways, The Irrational Season, is my true favorite, for it brings great spiritual benefit and inspiration for daily living.


When my husband John and I lived and worked at Berea College, Ms. L’Engle was a guest of the college. In an informal meet-the-author session, I was fortunate to have some “face time” with Ms. L’Engle and secured her signature and short personal message in each of the books. They are treasures to me now!