By Michael Lewis


I am usually going to tell my clients to slow down, you’re fishing to fast. Most of the time they don’t understand what I am saying because they get excited and want to hook a fish. This may be the best time of the year to speed up! Take a crank bait or a spinner bait and really cover a lot of water. If you don’t have any luck, try swimming a pig and jig. A lot of people flip or hop a jig, but you can cover a whole lot of water by swimming a jig and pig. Throw the jig and reel it just fast enough to keep it in contact with the bottom and be ready!


You can cover the whole water column from top to bottom with these three lures. Burn the spinner bait just under the surface, and try different size crank baits that dive to different depths. Color can also be key to getting a bite so don’t be afraid to change colors. If you’re fishing with someone be sure you’re not throwing the same color until you set up a pattern.


I tell my clients to pretend that the boat is like a clock. Fish from 12 to 3 then 3 to 6. If someone else is in the boat they fish from 6 to 9 then 9 to 12. Be sure to fish all the way around the clock before you move the boat to the next spot. I think it should be where you can reach the very edge of where you were just casting to from the last spot.


Trolling motors have really made this easy and very quiet. If you have a transducer attached you can see what’s under you at all times. I have a fish finder on my console with the transducer attached to the back of my boat so that I can see what is under the back of my boat. I have another fish finder in the front of the boat so I can see both at the same time. This really helps if you can find a hump or road bed in the lake or a brush pile.


This time of year the fish can be shallow and deep. They are ready or getting ready to spawn so you may catch a whopper. If you do please don’t kill it. Take a few pictures and get a fiberglass mount made. It’s cheaper and looks better than the real fish, and it won’t fade or turn yellow years from now.


Blue gill and yellow perch are also feeding up. Look for coots swimming around. They like to feed off of the weeds and grass that the perch like to hide in. Last year we trolled small crank baits in 3 to 10 feet of water and did quite well.


The trout in the streams are really biting now.  Fly fishing or an ultra light rod will do just fine with spinners or fly’s – take your pick.


It’s a great time of year to be on the water fishing! I can show you what’s biting in Western NC.

Michael Lewis 1-828-223-0269.