By Mitzi Chorak

On April 6, 2013, there was a bee hive of activity. That was the day that all the hard work of preparing the site, building the stone-walled garden beds on the bridge itself, bringing in the soil needed and acquiring the plants for each area – everything finally came together.

Winter of 2012-2013, Jay Freeman’s stone mason crew builds the planters with cinder blocks facing them with stone.

This year we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge gardens. What began as just a notion in 2011 when the new bridge opened, became a vision: To design, create and maintain a flowering pedestrian bridge across the Rocky Broad River and the walkways at both ends of the bridge for the joy and benefit of all who come our way.

Planting Day, April 6, 2013.

When we renew the gardens this spring along with new plants we will also reintroduce some that have “dozed” through the winter in the gardens and others that have been nurtured away from the weather. Of course, there will be new additions. And, with your kind support our gardens will continue to thrive!

Lake Lure Flowering Bridge is a non-profit, all volunteer community group. Any donation is appreciated.