By Tommy Hartzog

Exec. Dir., HNG Chamber of Commerce


“Mount Everest is the tallest geographical point on this planet, and you can take that to the bank.”


We have all heard it and most of us have used a form of that idiomatic expression in our lives. If today you read or hear “you can bank on it”, you are evoked to think or emote absolute truth, guarantee, trust, reliability, etched in stone, certainty….


I read an article this past weekend about BB&T Bank closing their branch in Spindale, NC. Although there are other branches nearby, the loss of that branch has a huge impact on the citizens and merchants that have depended on that location. Routines and convenience patterns will be altered and relationships dissolved. That pocket of local identity and culture will be negatively affected by a business decision that no one should criticize or second-guess. It is what it is.


Empathetically speaking, I feel “bummed out” for those affected. This occurrence, like many in life, provoked thoughts of deep gratitude for some of the essential services we now have in the Hickory Nut Gorge. Imagine the loss of Ingles, our beloved and hard won school, Rumbling Bald Resort, Chimney Rock Park, your favorite restaurant or shop OR Carolina Trust Bank.


In my family’s 30 plus years of life here, we have been through numerous banks. Retrospectively, the “fit” of the many banks we have had was not right. We are a tiny market, and the very large banks do not regard us as an important or valuable market. We are a very important market to Carolina Trust Bank. They are having great success here and plan to be our hometown bank. They are a rock solid organization with all of the technological and monetary capabilities of the big boys.


We all have certain tunes roll around our brains from time to time. One that has captivated me is the theme song from “Cheers” called “Where everybody knows your name”. Carolina Trust Bank in The Hickory Nut Gorge is truly a relationship bank with personal service by a live person whose goal is to make the banking aspect of your life a wonderful experience. They know their customers names and will personally help you rather than direct you to a website or 800#.


It is easier than ever to change banks with today’s technology. Make plans today to come into our bank and check out the many features and benefits they have to offer.


Support your local businesses, and they will serve you for many years to come.


YOU can take that to the bank!