By Bob Keith


With the coming of spring and his first term of office, the Honorable Kevin Cooley has assumed the responsibility of writing the Mayor’s article for the Breeze. That being said, the Breeze editors have asked that I continue with a column on the voice of the public and/or community. What’s that, you might ask? This would be your voice, not mine. We would like to solicit your ideas, comments, suggestions for improvements, constructive opinions and all those thoughts that sometimes only get expressed at the hairdressers or at a cocktail party after an adult beverage or two. My job will be to compile the best of the received emails to compose the highlights of the thinking of the community.

Yvonne Anderson

For an example, with the prospect of the World Equestrian Games in our backyard this September along with a half a million spectators and tourists roaming our turf, one might make a suggestion that it would be nice to clean up all the litter on our roads and highways. Further, if each of us takes a personal responsibility to pick up his/her property and the Town cleans up the roadsides in between, we might just provide an enhanced tourist experience for those who visit our area and leave our visitors with a more favorable impression of us and perhaps a desire to return sometime in the future.

Another actual example comes from several years back. Yvonne Anderson, after a Veteran’s Day Service in which her late husband Rod participated, suggested that we ought to promote the displaying of the American flag on every home, business, lakefront and town property to demonstrate our pride in America, our military and our community. And do this not just on certain holidays but throughout the year.

At the time, I thought that this was an outstanding idea but we never acted upon it. I would like to resurrect this idea and request that each reader purchase a flag (if one doesn’t already have the “Stars and Stripes”) and display it daily, at least from May through October, during our heaviest tourist traffic time. Let’s make Lake Lure, Chimney Rock Village and surrounding area a symbol of our colors and pride. Let’s just do it! as they say so boldly in the Nike world.

Remember, this new Breeze column, “Your Voice”, depends on you and your email submissions. So, going forward, when the spirit moves you, simply send an email to for those gnawing, burning issues and thoughts. Anonymity will be honored, if requested. My lips are sealed.

Happy springtime to all! Cheers!