Okay fellow Breeze readers, raise your hand if you knew that Rutherford County has its very own symphony orchestra?  I know! I didn’t either until very recently when I had the pleasure of watching their winter concert.  In fact, they’ve been around so long they’re 30th anniversary is this year! Best of all we can get to know them better and lend our community appreciation and support by attending their Symphony at Sunset right here in Chimney Rock on Mother’s Day weekend.

This cultural hidden gem started back in 1988 when a local strings teacher put together an ensemble as an outlet for her students.  Soon, the name became The Little Symphony of Rutherford County, and as it grew became known as it is today, The Symphony of Rutherford County.  It is totally non-profit, and all the members are volunteers.  Many are professional musicians for their day job.

Celebrate 30 years of musical culture on May 12th at The Gathering Place in Chimney Rock Village from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m..  More information can be found on their Facebook page about this exciting event.  One other thing to note, it is rare for counties to have their own symphonies, so we should be very proud of ours!

Submitted by Kimberly McCutcheon