By David H. Wulff

It comes every year at the same time.  Often faster than we think and then it’s upon us.  Don’t wait until summer for that “stuff” you need to do now.  Before you know it summer will be here and you will wonder why you didn’t get things in working order.  Just for starters, here’s a small checklist.

  1. Check attics and your home’s exterior for openings and cracks.  Just like we “hibernate” during the winter, the animals and other critters are coming out of their hibernation and looking for somewhere to build their homes.  You don’t want bats flying around inside or squirrels making their home in the attic.
  2. Ok, just one more reminder – have your equipment serviced. Water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners.
  3. Have a septic tank? Might be time to have it pumped.  Get it done before you have company and the system backs up.
  4. How’s the driveway? Check it for cracks that may have developed over the winter or as the spring thaw comes.  If it is asphalt, have it re-surfaced.
  5. Check your water. Those that have wells may want to have the system checked and get a good filtration system if you need one.
  6. How is that yard? Do an evaluation of your lawn.  Downed tree limbs may have damaged areas and now is the time to get them fixed so it’s nice and green this summer.
  7. If you have a garden, now is the time to start getting it in shape. If you don’t have one, you might consider doing even a small raised bed garden.
  8. Repainting is an instant refresher for many homes.  Freshening your home with a new coat of paint either inside or outside will provide you with the perfect renewal.
  9. Trim trees. Now is a good time to trim them back so they don’t become a hazard during a storm or provide easy access to your roof for animals.
  10. Replace windows. Doors and windows that may be old or improperly installed create a draft all year round.  Especially in the warmer months when you will be looking to be able to properly open and close windows, make sure they are fully functioning and operational.  If you make sure they all work now, you won’t be using “blue” words when you really want them open.

Check all the above off your list and you will enjoy the summer.

DAVID H. WULFF, Arichitect, Lake Lure