By Becky Cook


When you take a shower, do you get wet, turn off the water, soap from top to toe, then turn the water back on to rinse off, promptly turning off the water? Couldn’t take more than 3-5 minutes! [Last time a teenage grandchild took a shower at our house, she was in there at least 20 minutes!] When you shop for groceries or household items, do the recycling symbols on the packaging enter in to your choice at all? What do you think about your gas guzzling car and the mostly invisible emissions which pour from it as you travel down the road? Are you willing to gather recyclables and deliver them to the proper bins at “The Convenience Center?” Does your cell phone charger stay plugged in to the outlet when not in use?


Most folks are familiar with Al Gore’s 2006 book-made-into-movie called An Inconvenient Truth. It’s a rallying cry about the critical issue (-s) of global warming and the need for all of us to go green and to join the bandwagon of necessary action (-s) to reverse or at least slow the process.


In the movie, charts, statistics, and scientific projections tell us about what’s happening to our earth, particularly regarding the rise in ocean temperatures, the disappearance of glaciers, and consequential mass flooding. Animal habitats are severely threatened and vast agricultural spaces are drying up. Also, we learn again and again of natural disasters and ever increasing levels of death and destruction all over the world! While I tend to believe that there is a connection between these events and global warming, I’m learning that not everyone agrees we are in trouble.


In addition we are told that the size of the population is growing at a breakneck speed.  As a people we seem to put on our blinders and delude ourselves that there is a limitless supply. NOT! Scientific progress and new technologies which we consider necessary require even more depletion of natural resources. Our earth’s thickening atmosphere doesn’t allow pollutants, particularly carbon dioxide, to escape. Everything gets hotter. Glaciers melt. The greenhouse effect is a very real threat. Even the water levels in rivers, lakes, oceans, and shorelines are rising and the storms which are spawned in these heated waters produce more violent and destructive storms. Too much gloom and doom!


It IS HARD to give up the things we enjoy or which make life more comfortable. It becomes easier to put on blinders to overflowing landfills, and consumptive habits which bring us the inconvenient truths we can’t ignore!


Perhaps you’ve heard the practical little phrase which directs our thoughts:

Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do. Or do without! YOU CAN DO IT!