By Senior Alex Hudson


In my time at Lake Lure Classical Academy (LLCA), I have played on the baseball team for three years and soccer and basketball for one year. High school sports have helped me mature as a man. If it wasn’t for being able to participate in sports my grade-point average wouldn’t be what it is today, and I wouldn’t be the person or man I am today.

The reason that I’m able to participate in high school sports each year is that my mom said that if I kept my grades up in school, I would be allowed to tryout and play on the high school team.

My freshman and sophomore year at my previous school were full of ups and downs, and after my sophomore year, I had very little self-confidence as far as baseball goes. Following my sophomore year, I transferred to LLCA.

In the spring, I tried out for the baseball team and made it. My confidence was still diminished from my previous baseball experience, but Coach Hutchins, the head coach, used me off the bench and gave me the opportunity to start some games. That helped to start building up my confidence again, but it still wasn’t what it was my freshman year. I didn’t get a hit in my eight appearances at the plate.

The following year, I made the basketball team. I enjoyed playing basketball and it benefited me physically for baseball from all the conditioning we completed.

I made the baseball team again and I started all six of the games we played. In those six games I started, I improved defensively and despite not being able to produce offensively, I won the Most Improved Player Award.

With a block schedule put in place, I was able to construct a schedule for my senior year that would allow me to focus on propelling in the classroom and improving in sports. It has been a well balanced and enjoyable year. We were able to have a soccer team in the fall, which I tried out for and I made the team. Surprisingly I’m not that bad at soccer. It came naturally to me. I scored the only goal in the closest game we had all season, a tough 2-1 loss.

Now to baseball where it’s my final year and my parents finally let me grow my hair out during baseball season. I’ve started every game this season and I finally got a hit for the first time since freshman year. After that first hit, I got another one and a couple more as the season has progressed.

If I hadn’t come to LLCA, I wouldn’t have become the person I am today. I would probably still be trying to figure out who I am, and I’d still be trying to find my identity.