By Bryant Williams


I tried to dream up a poem to usher in the summer,

But everything I tried seemed to come up as a bummer.

It’s hard to write a poem about a season with so much to do,

But I came up with the following to cover just a few.


May brings in softer winds, warmer days, and shorter nights.

There are now more daylight hours to engage in our delights.

Summer may get started with high school and college graduations,

Or plans for June weddings and all those joyful celebrations.


The gardeners are happy to tend their veggies and spring blooms.

It’s great to see the birds abound with their beautiful bright plumes.

Warmer waters bring out the boats and even a few brave swimmers.

The fishermen are out casting their fancy new lures and skimmers.


It’s time for vacation planning. Where shall we go this year?

There are so many great options to take us far and near.

Memorial Day kicks off the summer that lasts until the fall,

But summer seems to quickly pass so get started and have a ball!