By Julie McKinney

In the Lake Lure area sellers complain that their properties aren’t selling fast enough.  For buyers coming from booming metropolitan areas they want to know why properties have been on the market more than a week!  Local real estate professionals can only dream about overnight sales, with multiple offers on all properties.  This is not that kind of market.

Lake Lure real estate is doing well under the circumstances of being a “destination” location.  We don’t have the luxury of sellers moving to another property in the same area.  We don’t have first-time buyers.  We depend on visitors falling in love with our beautiful, charming setting.  Or family members relocating to be close to parents. Or people looking for a temperate climate for relocating.

In the face of challenges, sales of property in the Lake Lure area are solid.  And keeping pace with the past year or two.  Whether you’re planning to buy or sell here, don’t have unrealistic expectations of how long a property has been or will be on the market. Buyers, don’t think that a property that has been on the market more than 30 days is “stale”.  Sellers, don’t expect your property to sell overnight unless it is in immaculate condition, fully updated, flawlessly maintained inside and out, and a ready/willing/able buyer is already on the sidelines!

The chart below compares the first quarter of 2018 with the first quarter of 2017.  All is well, and we’ve only just begun the 2018 “selling season”.  For more detailed information ask your real estate professional.