By Bob Keith

There was a tremendous response to the idea of a “Your voice” column in the Breeze. Spurred by a movement initiated by Yvonne Anderson, more and more American flags are appearing throughout the Gorge. Joe and Mabel Satrape were first to respond and emailed that they have flown the colors proudly every day over the 30 years that they have lived in Rumbling Bald Resort. Bill and Maureen Bay expressed that they have always been proudly flying “Old Glory” in front of their house and are lucky to live where we can fly it freely. Yvonne is calling for every home and business to show its patriotism and gratitude to our armed forces and country by displaying the “stars and stripes”. Let’s all jump on this ….. or I can assure you that Yvonne will be calling at your door. Just kidding!


Pictured are Andie Ogle and Melodie Potter of the Lake Lure Public Works staff in back of one of the many planters that adorn our community. See article. Missing is part-time employee Alex Drasser.

Also in their email, Bill and Moe Bay expressed their appreciation to Public Works personnel, Melodie Potter, Andie Ogle and Alex Drasser, who do the landscaping for Lake Lure. They commented “What they have done at the Pond Creek Park entrance by the ABC Store, the Welcome Stone Wall sign at Larkin’s, the Town Marina, the Municipal Building and other Town areas is a boost to the look and beautiful appearance of Lake Lure. These hard working folks know how to design each area and maintain them as well. The landscaping brings a sense of pride to those of us lucky enough to live in Lake Lure and to those who come to visit the Gorge.” And while you are admiring all this beauty, check out all the work at our magnificent and ever-expanding Flowering Bridge.

Carolina Trust Bank employees, Heather Thompson, Customer Service Teller and Jennifer Duncan, Branch Manager, are eager to handle all of your banking needs at our local full service bank. Drop in and meet them. It’s our bank in the Gorge.

Cute little Delaney Cullen, a first grade student shown in the attached photo, inspired by her parents John and Cathleen, came up with an ambitious project that she calls the “Little Garden that Grew”. The garden will be located at the library and features a variety of plants, flowers and vegetables. John writes that “It will be a place for library programming, education, for people to enjoy a book, have a snack and/or reconnect with nature. It will have useful plants to provide food and shelter for wildlife as well as food for any visitors to the garden.”  The grand opening is on May 20th at the library from 10am – 2pm. Mark your calendars to come out and see the garden and this creative child.

First grader Delaney Cullen receives grant money for the “Little Garden that Grew” from Olympiad Treasurer Joanne Ellingson and HNG Foundation Treasurer Jack Barton. See article.
Jack is holding one of the hand painted pavers to be placed in the garden. If you or your organization would like to sponsor or contribute to this creative project, call John Cullen at 857-991-0019.

This last item is not the result of an email sent to me. I’d like to paraphrase something I heard Tommy Hartzog state so well at a recent Chamber Recharge. Carolina Trust Bank, our small community bank and integral to the Gorge, has been meeting its goals and objectives for the last several years. Interestingly, it has seen an increase in activity over recent months. This is our bank. We ask everyone in the area to examine their banking needs, and where it makes sense, bring them to Carolina Trust. Open an account or take out a loan. Let’s participate in its growth and success for the benefit of all citizens and businesses in our community. Go CTB!

Finally, please continue to provide your ideas, comments, praise, constructive criticism, etc. to: We hope to hear from you soon! Have a great and happy, fun-filled summer!