By Michael Lewis

Wow what a crazy summer so far – flooding and hot. Sixteen inches of rain in a week will change the fishing report.

Stan Rechkemmer with a nice large mouth bass.

The great news is the bass were able to finish the spawn and move out of shallow water before it hit. We dodged a big bullet in Lake Lure. Thanks and a shout out to all the people who turned out to clean up the lake debris.

The fishing has been great. On my last two trips I didn’t even crank the boat. My client asked me where we were going. I told him we weren’t going anywhere casting his top water bait toward the boat ramp where we just put it in.  On his third cast he caught a really nice bass. We proceeded to catch 11 bass in four hours. The fish were really aggressive!

A week later a good friend of mine came up from Fort Myers, Florida, and we did the same thing with a drop shot worm and a wacky worm. We never cranked up the engine. We just trolled around and cast to the bank. We caught a dozen, and none were under two pounds.

The white bass have started chasing bait early in the morning and just before dusk. The bait is very small so use small lures. Have fun – they can be up to five pounds around here!

The trout in the rivers love all the water in the creeks so they are fat and happy. Come go fishing and see what you’ve been missing. Call Michael Lewis 1-828-223-0269 or