By Thomas Keever



We have talked for two years about Lake Lure Classical Academy receiving a USDA loan and the gymnatorium being built. So much anticipation and excitement and for so long just a drawing and a talking point. I am delighted to report that work is underway!  Bulldozers and heavy equipment staged on Monday, June 11, and work began in earnest. Work will continue throughout the summer, and we are optimistic the steel frame will in place by September and that soon after, work will take place on the interior. I will give an update on completion estimates in the next Breeze edition.

We are also very encouraged by the work taking place on our athletic fields. The baseball/softball and soccer fields are now irrigated, and we will be installing Bermuda grass. The fields should be playable by mid-September. Work is also set to begin construction on dugouts for baseball/softball teams which will include fencing. We are very fortunate that Lake Lure Baptist Church is partnering with us on the dugout construction with volunteer help.

This year we finished with 458 students, and enrollment projections are very positive for continued, and reasonable growth. For 2018-2019 we have made a grade alignment change. Sixth grade will move out of the middle school. We have created a sixth-grade intermediate academy which will be focused on this critical transition period from elementary to middle school. Parents and students are very excited and encouraged about this change.

Currently grades two, five, six and nine enrollments are full. Prospective students for these grades will go to a waiting list. For questions please contact 828-625-9292.


Thomas Keever is Executive Director of Lake Lure Classical Academy, CFA.