The Breeze continues its “Local history maker” column by introducing Lake Lure Classical Academy Board Chairperson, Linda Turner, a woman committed to this community.

How did you and Woody find Lake Lure?

Woody and I were both born and raised in the New York/Connecticut metropolitan area. My parents moved to Hendersonville from New Jersey several years after my Dad retired. Over many summers during the 1980s our extended families would reunion at the Chalet Club atop Washburn Road. Woody and I were still involved in our careers up north, but the beauty of the Gorge had already begun to settle into us. When it was time, we headed south. In many ways it was like coming home.

Why have you remained so involved as volunteers in the community?

Staying involved in this community is easy! There are so many worthwhile activities and organizations with which to engage. It’s always fun to join in on a project or undertaking that’s meaningful to you. And you meet so many interesting people – those that you work beside as well as those just passing through on their way to somewhere else. I’m always struck by what a small world it is – there are so many common human bonds that bind us!

Linda breaking ground for the new LLCA gymnatorium.

As the new chairperson of the Lake Lure Classical Academy Board of Directors, Linda, what do you think are the biggest challenges for the school?

The school is on a great trajectory! By the time this issue of the Breeze hits the stands in early July, we will have broken ground and be well on our way to erecting a gym/auditorium. Refinancing our debt and continuing to grow our student population this past year have brought wonderful new opportunities for the school. With these successes come challenges, of course – outgrowing our current building, requiring additional teachers, providing a cafeteria for a growing number of students, adding AP classes, developing additional technology capability, increasing educational opportunities for our kids. It takes a team to address all these exciting opportunities. We have a few Board openings to fill over the summer and encourage all Lake Lure residents to consider stepping up and helping take our kids to the next level! There are also several Board committees in need of additional members. All of this is available for review on the school website:, or by email

What change would you like most to see for our larger community?

As a former member of the Lake Lure Town Council, I saw first-hand the sobering responsibilities of our commissioners. Running this town with its diverse list of stakeholders – residents, visitors, investors and renters to name a few – is a never-ending balancing act. Add the challenge of owning and managing a lake right smack in the middle of it with all the attendant water quality, sand inflow/buildup, underwater sewer pipes, aging dam problems that come with it and you could use some help! We need all of our citizens to be knowledgeable (not just aware) of these issues. I would like to see overflow crowds at Town meetings. I would like to see good people turned down for positions on the Town’s committees because we have so many outstanding, quality candidates we have a waiting list! It’s unreasonable to have the fate of our town rest in the hands of five individuals if they’re not hearing enough from citizens and not aided in decisions by great committee work and smart recommendations.

What to you like about living here?

You come here for the beauty and you stay because of the people.

What to you enjoy doing when you some time?

Spending time with my wonderful husband, Woody, and our families; doing anything with my girlfriends; playing golf; ringing handbells and singing in the Chapel choir (between my two brothers and one of my sisters-in-law in the picture below). What a happy day that was!

We love this place – wish we could stay here forever!

Thank you, Linda and Woody, for your deep desire and action to make our Hickory Nut Gorge community the best it can be.