By Michael Lewis

As everyone knows, Lake Lure received 20 plus inches of rain early this summer, and now it’s really heating up. The lake have been as high as 84 degrees early in the morning.

In the rain it’s a little bit easier to catch fish. The fact is that the clouds keep the fish from going deep and looking for shade. I have seen the bass feed all day on top when the clouds are around even if it’s not raining. Also I’ve been fishing at dawn, and the bass are all over top water. As soon as the sun comes up they quit, like a switch has been flipped off. Now when you get so much rain that water turns into a muddy mess or there trees floating in the lake, it’s not a great time to fish or tube or ski for that matter.

Sunny days can produce some good fishing as well! You may have to fish deeper or use different color lures. Flashy lures work better than dark ones because they reflect the light. I fish early in the morning in the summer to beat the heat and the traffic. There’s nothing worse than finding fish and not being able to stay on them because the boat is rocking up and down from wake traffic.

When all else fails, try a rubber worm on a wacky rig or a drop shot rig and slow down. Rain or shine, a soft plastic is always a good way to catch fish.

The blue gill and the white bass have been fun to catch this year, so call me and I’ll take you fishing. Bring a friend, a son or daughter and have a blast.


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