By Tracy Czajkoski

I highly recommend a trip to Dupont State Forest.

North Carolina has an estimated 1,200 waterfalls/cascades with about 500 of them tagged as major waterfalls. Waterfalls are such beautiful and fascinating natural wonders and fill me with such a sense of exhilaration.

Dupont State Forest is only a 1-1/2 hour drive from Lake Lure and you can hike to three (3) beautiful waterfalls in one day.

Hooker Falls is a short, easy 6 minute hike from the parking lot (Hooker Falls Access Area). This 14 foot falls is the width of the river. Not a very high falls but impressive nonetheless. The area is often active with swimmers and spotted with picnic tables filled with people enjoying the sights and sounds of the falls.

Triple Falls, as the name suggests, is beautiful with two 25 foot upper falls and one 45 foot lower fall totaling about 120 feet in vertical drop.

High Falls is large and majestic with a 110 foot steep cascade. The trail takes you to the base of the falls. You can hike from there up to a charming covered bridge at the top of this falls for a completely different perspective looking down. High Falls is about 15 minutes farther upstream from Triple Falls on mostly moderate terrain.

All of these waterfalls were featured in the movie “The Last of The Mohicans”. Each of these waterfalls are so unique and different in their own way. Makes for a great nature filled day trip!

Where: Dupont State Forest, Transylvania County NC

Approximate driving time from Lake Lure: 1-1/2 Hours

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