By Michael Lewis

Dean Wright with a nice large mouth bass.

It was a hot and wet summer with the fishing being really good from spring to the middle of the summer even through the flooding. Then it just changed. The fish were chasing bait everywhere! We caught fish on rubber worms and zoom flukes earlier in the morning and then the bass would start herding up bait. They would come to the top and smack the bait or sometimes they would push the bait completely out of the water! We used top water poppers and Zara puppies to catch those. That’s a lot of fun!

When it shut down I started fishing deeper and slower. We used spoons and jigs to get down to where they were hanging out.

As it starts cooling down I think the bass will get busy again, so get ready to go catch them!

The rain has played a pretty big part in the rivers around here and the lake for that matter. I had a trip one morning and I usually finish rain or shine. ‘Met the guys at the lake at six. When I left my house it was just drizzling. When I got to the lake it was a downpour. I was afraid my bilge pump wouldn’t keep up, and looking at the radar I decided to call the first fishing trip off in 20 something years due to rain!

A couple of my river trips got washed out because it rained so hard the day before. But it’s getting better as the weather cools down.

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