By Dave Leestma

For some reason, this particular Breeze edition deadline seemed to arrive exceedingly sooner than the last one. Time certainly marches on, but where did summer go?

Life at the lake included many happy memories this season – a family reunion, hosting waves of out-of-town friends here for the first time and enjoying the generosity and company of neighbors offering last minute boat outings on the lake.

Summer was also host of the annual Lake Lure Olympiad and Dirty Dancing Festival in Lake Lure. See “Your voice” columnist Bob Keith’s photo essay of the Olympiad, page 11.

Just next door in Polk County, Tryon International Equestrian Center is hosting the World Equestrian Games in which 400,000 guests are expected from around the world September 11-20. Mary Reitano in her column “Thriving with the heart of a champion” (see page 14), tells us that a horse’s positive qualities of speed, beauty and strength inspire us to draw upon our strengths to rise above challenges and become champions in life.

From the benefits of pickle juice (see page 39) and yummy fall recipes (see page 43) to lake ecology (see page 13 and an inspirational message (see page 34), this fall Breeze edition is filled with a variety of ideas, helps, hints and, of course, news. Our space is filled. Our deadline is met. Thanks to our advertisers, thanks to our writers and thanks to you, our Breeze readers.

Happy fall! It’s a wrap.