Something that really bugs me while driving around here is the bad drivers who ride practically on my rear bumper on these curvy roads with double yellow “no-passing” laws when I am going the posted speed limit or even a little over.  They are obviously not aware of the hazards around here from large animals such as deer and bears in the road or of possibly meeting over the line vehicles on blind curves requiring sudden stops. They need to be made aware of the “two second rule” which is the time it takes a normal alert driver to react, apply the brakes, and stop a four thousand pound vehicle with good tires on dry pavement in order to avoid a rear-end collision.

To follow this safety rule at 20 miles per hour the “cushion” between vehicles should be 59 feet.  At 35 mph it is 103 feet, 55 mph – 161 feet, and at 70 mph – 205 feet.

If stating this could prompt a bit of driver courtesy and safety it would be worth it.

Bryant Williams, Lake Lure