By Randy Snyder

First and foremost, let me introduce you to the Rumbling Bald Friendship and Fun Group and our brand new website and member resource –!

The Rumbling Bald Home Owner’s Association was established in the early nineteen nineties and has served a good purpose in the community. The organization collectively decided that the Rumbling Bald Association was to be under the auspices of the Rumbling Bald governance collaborating to support the resort and the Property Owner’s Association whereby the chosen moniker was deemed appropriate. Over the years, the mission has taken a circuitous direction culminating to the end result of serving a worthwhile purpose of being an apolitical organization that was mainly the social arm of the Rumbling Bald property owners. The enterprising board and committees over the years accepted the name as being adequate and with the skill of volunteers (the organization is managed and governed by all volunteers), the title was never challenged and an informative website as well as member directory was maintained and produced. The expenses were and are paid by a membership fee per household which presently is at $35. Membership is optional and up to the owner to make the decision to join.

The primary aspect of the organization needing change was the Home Owner’s Association title which is a misnomer and misuse of the definition of the common meaning of that name. Home owners associations are the governance arms of planned condo and cooperative communities that create and enforce the documents, policies that govern the communities. The title adopted to the Rumbling Bald Home Owner’s Association has confused prospective buyers, realtors, current owners and others regarding inquiries about properties, policies, rules etc.

The current five person board of directors decided to work with a professional marketing company, namely Teri Coutu of Teri Coutu Enterprise Solutions, to map out a new direction, a new title, a new form(s) of communications and information for members culminating in Our new “handle” of Rumbling Bald Friendship and Fun Group in essence describes the mission of the organization. The website mentioned is updated on a regular basis with event info, contact info, general organization info, new member info, renewal info and payment options for event reservations, membership etc. Additionally the organization will continue to publish an all encompassing yearly exclusive member directory with member info, resort info, local info, safety info and much more. E mails will be used for impromptu updates and event info reinforced by member ability to ask questions etc. via a new Facebook page.

The primary function of the board and its programs committee is planning and implementing six or seven themed social events per year, generally with great food, entertainment, games, fun and more. Examples of the events are beach parties, 50’s-60’s dance parties, Oktoberfest and a Christmas party.

The only requirements for membership are to be an existing member of the RBR Property Owner’s Association and to submit an application and $35 check (per household) made out to Rumbling Bald Friendship and Fun Group via the website on the membership page and using PayPal for payment. The other option is to print the app, make out a check and mail both to Diane Barrett, 297 Bee Tree Point, Lake Lure, NC, 28746. Questions regarding membership can be mailed to Karen Kircher, Membership Chair, @ We promote our board officers from within the membership or committees. Anyone interested should initially join and then send interest or direct questions via e mail to any of our following board members:

Randy Snyder, President @

Lynn Chapman, VP events @

Diane Barrett, VP Treasurer @

Gloria Claffey, VP Secretary @

Richard McCallum, VP Communications @

Finally, worth mentioning is the mission statement of the RBFFG which is as follows:

The Rumbling Bald Friendship and Fun Group designs and produces six or seven fun, quality events per year with great food, fun, entertainment at a fantastic value, additionally printing an informative directory with updates and resources to members via email, Facebook and our website, Join us. We would love to have you!