By Billie and Robert Nicholson

Do you have a jar of pickle juice sitting in your refrigerator with one last pickle in it or just plain empty? Wondering what to do with it? Don’t just pour it down the drain. Pickle juice has a multitude of uses, the first being to make more refrigerator pickles. Have some small okra pods that will fit in a pint jar? Jam them in and cover with the leftover pickle juice. Let them sit for a few days. They will make a zesty addition to a salad. Yes, eat them raw. How about boiled eggs? We put them in leftover beet pickle juice and get purple pickled eggs! Add onions, carrots, peppers into the pickle juice. Let sit for a few days. You will have pickled everything.

Use it to replace vinegar in your homemade salad dressings, too. Add it to a pot of boiled potatoes.

You will not need to add anything else. Use it in potato salad for a flavorful variation. Chicken salad, hummus, Mac ’n cheese, the list goes on and on. Be brave and give it a try.


Need a meat tenderizer/marinade? For pork or a steak, mix pickle juice, minced garlic, pepper, and mustard together. Meat can marinade for an hour or even overnight. Roast or grill for a tasty meal. This works for chicken, too. You may want to add a little milk to reduce the pickle flavor. Poaching fish? Add some pickle juice for a refreshing change. Want a great dill pickle juice rye bread recipe?


Have you heard of using pickle juice as a health drink? There are a lot of good reasons to drink it.

  • Drink it after a hard workout to prevent muscle cramps. It’s got electrolytes!
  • Drink it if you have an upset stomach or heart burn. It will help with digestion.
  • Drink a small glass of pickle juice if you need a gentle laxative.
  • Some people use it as a cure for hiccups.
  • Pickle juice can reduce cramping related to menstrual issues.
  • Have you seen a cocktail called a “Pickleback Shot” on a bar menu? Bartenders claim it is the perfect complement to sooth the taste buds and the aftershock of a strong whiskey drink.
  • Pickle juice is a known folk remedy for helping get over a hangover. It replenishes depleted sodium levels and helps assist rehydration.
  • How about a pickle popsicle? Pour some pickle juice into pop molds, paper cups, or ice cube trays for a savory summer snack.


Can’t be convinced to drink it? No worries, just use it to clean the tarnish off copper pans. It can also be used to clean your grill.


Use it in your garden as a weed killer. The high vinegar and salt content in pickle juice will be fatal to dandelions, thistle and any common weeds around your house. And it’s pet friendly.



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