By Patrick Bryant

HNG Chamber of Commerce President

On September 30, 1926, the Lake Lure dam had just closed to begin filling a new and incredible hydroelectric reservoir. There was no “Lake Lure” just yet, however, an incredible dream realized by Dr. Lucius Morse and his investors now realized, it brought promise of a new era in the Hickory Nut Gorge. As fall

sets in, the crystal waters of this new engineering feat began their advance up the valley walls with years of planning and careful consideration now coming to fruition. By April 1927, the lake would reach “full pond” and be ready for travelers from around the world to enjoy Lake Lure in all its majestic beauty. Therefore, the Town of Lake Lure was incorporated in the year 1927, and our iconic natural gorge began a new grand chapter.


Fast forward more than 90 years, and we enter another gorgeous autumn. The hustle of tourists enjoy the changing of the forest canopy, shoppers delight in local eclectic goods, and adventures can be found from mountain peak to lake bottom. We ask ourselves as business owners, employees, and neighbors; how can we better plan for our next season? In such the same way previous generations took careful steps to engage a nation of travelers and onlookers, so should we openly welcome travelers from around the world and showcase the elegant southern hospitality not found anywhere else. Our idyllic setting, laid back lifestyle and true small business support system provide our guests the most unique experience on earth – deep roots, lofty views and incredible experiences. We are the Hickory Nut Gorge, and your chamber of commerce is here to support your efforts to grow and find success in Lake Lure, Chimney Rock, Bat Cave, Bills Creek and Gerton!