A smallmouth I caught on a wacky rig worm.

By Michael Lewis

For those of us that live here full-time I think almost all would agree that 2018 was a roller coaster ride in Lake Lure!

As for fishing on the lake the year started out pretty doggone good. The bass started to spawn, and town had to draw down the lake for uncontrollable issues. ‘Kinda hard to take somebody fishing when you can’t get your boat in the water!

After they lowered the lake to work on it we ended up getting a flood -about 23 to 24 inches of rain in a week! There was almost a foot of mud in front of Chimney Rock entrance. I’ve seen it worse back in 1996 and in 2006, but this was a good one turning the lake into chocolate milk. Believe it or not we caught fish from daylight until about 10:30 am. somewhere on the boat docks underneath the boats. After that we started catching the bigger bags that were chasing bait fish out in the center of the lake.


The fishing was really great for most of the year. Then in June we got quite a bit of rain. After that it kind of slowed down a little bit. In October it rained enough again to close the lake for the third or fourth time this year!


When we did catch fish we caught him on worms both wacky rig and drop shot. After that we use top water baits like zoom flukes and zara puppies clear or baby bass color.

With the amount of rain we’ve had the trout streams have been iffy to say the least. We might get in the creek, and in an hour later the creek could be 6 to 7 inches higher and running so fast you can hardly cast much less wade in it, but when it’s down, trout fishing has been great.

So if you’d like to go fishing in western North Carolina, on Lake Lure or some of the trout streams in the area contact me Michael Lewis at 828-223-0269 or check out my website at lewisnoclark .com. Don’t forget to take a child fishing, and watch them smile!