A wood worker/furniture maker’s motto, “Seek perfection, embrace imperfection” is a good place to start as we face these coming weeks with routine schedules making way for holiday activities. Following such a motto, good furniture becomes a part of the furniture maker’s life. Applying what we learn from our mistakes results in more satisfying and successful achievements. It gives us confidence to try or seek for that next important thing.   This process of trying then trying again, becomes part of our life.   Failure is never a surprise. Instead, it becomes the foundation for the solution.

This holiday edition of The Mountain Breeze includes tips, stories, recipes, announcements and news from more than 30 Breeze writers within this vibrant western North Carolina community. Also included is a touching poem by a 14 year old honoring Veterans Day, page 13, and local business woman, Teri Coutu giving reasons why your business should be online, page 35. Find the best tech gifts for Christmas, page 15, yummy holiday recipes, page 25, winter gardening, page 17, and things to do around here with the family, pages 38-39.

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The unexpected is bound to happen during this holiday season. Well- meaning plans make take different directions. What was an easy task, has become really difficult. Someone you counted on was a no-show. An important package didn’t arrive in time. The change in weather forced a schedule change – though all of us around here should be used to that!

Whatever was left undone pales in significance to what this season is bound to bring – families reuniting, gift giving and receiving, traveling to new exciting places or that long anticipated trip home. And if we’re lucky, a blanket of snow!

Enjoy the imperfect!