By Bryant Williams

In a college football game the heavily favored visitors were winning.

There was jubilation on their side with visiting fans all grinning.

The lead was now two points with only a minute left to play.

The visitors had the ball to run the clock for another winning day.

The home team fans were quiet with their team about to fall,

But then there was a turn of events; the visitors fumbled the ball.

The home team recovered the ball and advanced it to the ten,

And with only one second left kicked a field goal for the win.

The happy mood came across the field filling the home fans with glee.

The sudden cheers and celebrations were quite a scene to see.

Life is sometimes like this game filled with its ups and downs too.

One minute things can seem quite dark, but then the sky turns blue.

Hang in there!

“It ain’t over till it’s over.”  Yogi Berra