By Mitsi Chorak

Many of us look forward to fall and winter: the gorgeous fall colors in the mountains, and the possibility of snow. We pile cozy blankets on our beds and get out our warm clothing. We look forward to walking without the heat beating down on us!


We at the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge also look forward to the seasons—you see, we are a seasonal garden with many things to enjoy throughout the year. The flashy colored flowers may be gone, but other things add color and interest, and the volunteers are very eager to begin our seasonal creations for visitors to enjoy.


In November, Fairy Gardens are placed in the gardens along the bridge. These unique creations, done by the volunteers, are whimsical and fun! You can find them anywhere; in football helmets, suitcases, teacups and with beach scenes and farm stands–anything is possible!


During December, there are colorful decorations and lights sparkling and glowing in each of the twelve gardens, and on both ends of the bridge. We drape the bridge with fresh greenery along its span that delight with their fragrance and make us ready for this joyful time of year.


And, you will love the new additions to the bridge. On the west end we have a country garden with a gurgling fountain and a flowing waterfall with plenty of seating to relax and immerse yourself in the beautiful vistas of the Hickory Nut Gorge that surrounds you.


We know that children love the outdoors and enjoy visiting the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge. With that thought in mind, we created a garden area on the east end of the bridge designed specifically for them. Knowing that inside all of us is a wild thing, what would be more perfect that a Troll? So we installed a Where the Wild Things Are troll house. We also have a scavenger hunt and a game of Find the Frogs with 15 or more frogs carefully hidden among the plants. You may even see one hop by!


Our volunteers are very welcoming and love sharing their pride in the bridge, so much so that volunteers Alice Garrard and Danny Holland, while on a road trip to Connecticut, placed painted rocks with LLFB written on them in some of the areas they stopped. Our enthusiastic volunteers work on most Tuesdays and Thursdays and would enjoy a chat with you and will answer questions you might have.


The Lake Lure Flowering Bridge is a walking path for all ages, is wheelchair accessible, dog friendly, and has a cell phone sensory tour for the visually impaired.


The gardens are our great achievements, and without the hard work and dedication of the volunteers, the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge could not be sustained. The bridge is maintained solely on the generosity of our visitors. Donation boxes can be found at either end of the bridge. We thank you and look forward to your visit.


Mitsi Chorak is chairperson of the Lake Lure flowering Bridge committee.