A poem by Nicole Damato, Oct 2014         


Waves crashing against a beach,

It is overcast,

The rain threatens to pour any second,

However it is blissful,

As we look around us.


Shelled out concrete in the hills,

Metal buried underneath the water and sand,

Concrete blocks interspersed like islands in the sea,

Smooth white marble crosses in perfect rows and columns,

Everything we see are commemorations to the dead.


And as we see this we realize,

The sadness in our souls,

Through the quiet and at rest feeling upon the area,

Through the sacrifice of those before us.


We are free from hatred,

We should not forget this memory.

The dead who fought to save us,

We should carry them towards peace.


This place here is where we live,

This is where we remember the past,

This is where we discover peace,

This is Normandy.