By Junior Aaliyah Kremzar

You wake up early on a Monday morning, preparing for another day of school. You make your bed, get dressed, and do your morning chores. However, no matter how hard you wait or plead with your siblings, you cannot get a turn in the bathroom. This is my daily life. Every morning is a competition for the mirror.

Between home life, living on a farm, and school, being the oldest of five siblings is quite the handful. But even in the midst of everything, it isn’t all arguing and confusion. I see it as the more people there are, the more love there is to share.

With so many siblings and only one house, things can be a tight squeeze. I share a room with two of my younger sisters, Violet and Alanna. At times, this can be overwhelming due to their obsession with Korean boy bands. But, looking past the constant blasting of music, being so close to my sisters and getting to know them personally is crucial to our relationship. Not to mention when it comes to being the oldest, your younger siblings will always look up to you and learn from you. If I am not being the best I can be at all times, I may lead them in the wrong direction.

Our house looks more like an ant farm in the morning when we’re all running around in circles to get things done. Animals running around begging for their breakfast, kids frantically searching for their uniforms and parents still trying to chug their coffee to wake up. However, when we finally do get off the school bus, you step inside Lake Lure Classical Academy (LLCA), and every kid knows your name.

From elementary to high school, you’re known by all due to the small (but growing) population of LLCA. It’s almost like a home away from home, where everyone is connected. Now that my brother is also in high school as a freshman, it’s quite interesting sharing classes with him and his friends. Going to school together at LLCA as a family really connects us. From me being a junior in high school to my youngest sibling in sixth grade, we have a strong bond that’s always apparent. When someone “messes” with one of us, they have to deal with the whole Kremzar family. It’s definitely a unique experience.

At home, my siblings and I participate in many things, from family game nights and camping trips, to even our own at-home fairs. So, although the bathroom might be a tight squeeze, at least you know you’re surrounded by love. Being able to watch all of my siblings grow up and mature is absolutely amazing. And being able to attend the same school together only adds to these feelings and strengthens our sibling bond.