By Mary Karr

The Lake Lure Artists like to be known as a group of creative friends who meet twice a month in each other’s homes to plan, to critique and support one another in our journeys into the world of art.  Our work is displayed in many of the local restaurants, shops, and in our Mountains Library.

We are now journeying into a new glorious season of early evenings, brisk breezes and bright and vivid foliage.  There is something rather comforting about the small gentle crackling and hypnotizing flame of a real log fire now that there will be cool nights descending as winter again approaches.  It certainly is a challenging time for artists to try to capture the scenery unfolding.

“Art’s a staple, like bread or wine or a warm coat in winter.  Those who think it is a luxury have only a fragment of a mind.  Man’s spirit grows hungry for art in the same way his stomach grows for food.”

Irving Stone

We will have traveled to Charleston, SC, by the time this has been printed.  This is a city that nourishes the soul of this artist as no other destination seems to do.  Charleston is a city that inspires, allures, and transports us from the burdensome cares of the day.  The many art galleries are just waiting to be explored around every cobblestone street.  The Gibbes Museum of Art on Meeting Street is a must place to visit.  Many of the art works shown are by local low country artists that represent this fascinating and historical section of the country.

The holiday season will soon be upon us and the Lake Lure Artists will again celebrate this glorious time of the year with our annual Christmas party at the historic Lake Lure Inn on December 6th.  It will also be a very nostalgic time as we say “good by” to one of most talented and well loved members.  Veryle Lynn Cox is moving away to a new life in Athens, Georgia to be nearer to her growing family.  She has been our backbone since the beginnings of our group and will be greatly missed. We wish her well and hope she visits us often.


Along with the log fires and candlelight, pine garlands and wreaths we hope the traditions of attending an art show will inspire your Christmas shopping early.  As Charles Dickens said in “The Pickwick Papers”,

“Happy, happy Christmas … that can transport the sailor and the traveler, thousands of miles away, back to his own friends and his quiet home.”

May your memories be of happy times as mine will be.  Whether simple or grand, at home or away, may it be a joyful and peaceful time.