More than 100 community residents came to Lake Lure Classical Academy on Veterans Day to pay tribute and honor 

distinguished community veterans and the family and friends of students and staff who served our beloved

country. Mementos and photographs of relatives and friends who served were on display throughout the hallways so we could all remember and share their heroic stories. Students sang patriotic songs and recited original poems, 

essays and letters.

“Veterans from all areas of the armed forces were represented, some in uniform,” says Elementary Dean Linda Edgerton. “Distinguished speaker Lt. Col. Enrique Cruz spoke to the students about the importance of service to others, whether it be by joining the military, teaching, volunteering in the community, or working in a service professional. Col. Renee Carlson spoke about what makes one a leader, emphasizing they are the same positive character traits whether one is a man or a woman.”

“This heartfelt gathering was a perfect example of the community and school coming together to teach our youth about the values and strengths of our country,” say Executive Director Tom Keever. “It was a great success!”