By Mitsi Chorak

We are in to a new year and winter is upon us, exhibiting its colorful foliage.  Leaves have fallen to the ground, puddling under the trees, and plants lush from the rain, their leaves hanging with the weight of it. In addition to this, it is cold with more snow than expected!

Lake Lure Flowering Bridge volunteers put the finishing touches on holiday wreaths to adorn the Flowering Bridge. Photo by Elizabeth Papps

The Volunteers work through these conditions to maintain the gardens, and fill them with their creative touches.  They have added cheerful touches of whimsy, and fairy gardens are hidden among the plants for a touch of charm.  The Lake Lure Flowering Bridge is a lovely walk with spectacular views and is calm and soothing, the perfect place for a contemplative moment. The winter garden is not as profuse as the summer garden, but the more you look the more its delights are revealed, over here, an Iris blooms, and over there a rose bud! There continues to be much to enjoy.

I am sure that many of you have driven by the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge and have noticed the activity on the west end.  The natural wood structure that is being installed will very soon be our Visitors Kiosk, next to the Atrium Gardens.  The design team; Kathy Tanner, Susie Ellis, Paige Massey, Alice Garrard, Lynn Lang, Amy Wald and Valerie Hoffman, have put in hours of their time to arrive at this unique plan. It is composed of natural locust corner posts supporting a beautiful cedar shake roof.  The design construct has eight separate panels within a four-sided structure and will contain information pertinent to the bridge and gardens. The panels will include a history of the bridge, volunteers, informational forms enclosed in hand-painted mailboxes, plants, birds and bees, butterflies, and Hickory Nut Gorge and Rutherford County.

I have previously mentioned our new addition on our east end, the Troll House garden.  It has been very popular with young and old alike.  It is so attractive that we have a new visitor; a Troll has joined us and makes occasional appearances.  In the future, we hope that he will begin storytelling sessions and just maybe, bring a friend!

I hope that I have convinced you to come visit us in this New Year!  Your support and contributions to the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge are important to us.  Thank you.

Mitsi Chorak is chairperson of the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge committee.