By Mary Karr

With winter’s subdued light and dusty grays shading the landscape, the warm red glow of firelight, a cozy couch, and a good book is a delightful thought to contemplate.  Deepest winter is the time when our thoughts seem to turn to hibernation.  There might be a chill in the air and stormy clouds in the sky, but the dampest of spirits can be lightened by visiting one of the wonderful art galleries nearby.  Good art is always an excellent investment, and owning it is something to enjoy each day making life rich and rewarding while also appreciating in value.

As I am writing this article we are getting ready to go on a holiday cruise which will take us on an exciting trip around the Chesapeake Bay, stopping each day at one of the small historical towns that border the bay.  Christmas Day will find us in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Here, we will not just enter another place but another time, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the 18th century.  For art lovers there will be the thrill of visiting the great art museums.  The DeWitt Decorative Art Museum is home to an extensive collection of American and British antiques, including furniture, metals, ceramics, glass, paintings, prints, and maps.  Also offered are lectures and musical performances.

The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum has exhibitions of American folk art from permanent holdings to museum loan shows.  Folk artists used bold colors, simple shapes and imaginative surface patterns in creating paintings, carvings, furniture, metal wares, ceramics, toys and needlework.

The day might be cold and dreary, but these art galleries are warm and inviting, waiting to share their wonderful gifts with you along with experiences you will certainly remember and enjoy.

“Artists have always been the truth speakers, opening people’s minds to the possibility of a bright future – for all of us.”  Mustofa Ali

May the New Year bring us peace and happiness and the sharing of love with each other.