“Good furniture becomes a part of your life.” With the recent resurgence of our state’s national furniture industry, that woodworker/furniture maker’s motto resonates with me. I will rarely describe something I’ve seen or experienced as perfect, for with achieving perfection, what is there left to do or where is there to go? Learning from our mistakes allows us to make things better. And striving to make things better continues to be the motto of our Hickory Nut Gorge area and region. The proof is the almost completed building on the Lake Lure Classical Academy campus, the new Gymnatorium – more about that in a minute…

Our diversity of Breeze writers brings a variety of themes and news to each Breeze edition. In this spring Breeze edition, you will read about Lake Lure’s mayor, Kevin Cooley’s balanced approach to growth and development, p 5. There is Robert Taylor’s funny story about the Lincoln stamp, p 23. A LLCA student writes about the blues, p 46. Michelle Nordberg writes about volunteerism, a backbone of this community, p 38. Chimney Rock Village is already gearing up for its SpringGo Festival in May featuring the Rutherford County Symphony’s only outdoor festival concert of the year, p 44. Our Mountains Branch Library introduces new authors to us, in person, p 43. Naturalist and biologist, Clint Calhoun, proves that there is so much more to the forest than trees, p 35.  The Lake Lure Flowering Bridge keeps blooming big time this spring, p 41, and be inspired by Everette Chapman’s column p 34 and Mary Reitano’s column, p 14. Most appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day is Bill Miller quoting the Irish Blessing, Digging up family roots, p 18.

And you’ll find much more in this Breeze edition. There is no better compliment for me than observing a Breeze reader being caught between its pages!

Our new school/community Gymnatorium space is about to become the culmination of our diverse community of people working hard to create an environment in which all of us will bloom. “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” – Alexander Den Heijer. The potential for such a space has always been there. It’s the single contributions of a few who asked the right questions and took the risk to move forward which encouraged so many more to get on board and see this community project to its fruition.

The scheduled May official opening of this new facility will certainly be a celebration for all of us. It’s our greater community at its best – seeking perfection, embracing imperfection.