Mrs. Jodi Bell’s 6th grade students at Lake Lure Classical Academy (LLCA) were recently asked the question, “What is a gymnatorium?”  Here are their responses:

My connotation of the word gymnatorium is… a chance, a chance for us to expand our horizons, not just in physical education, but in science, theater, and other special events the school may hold. Having a gymnatorium will be an amazing experience for my third year at Lake Lure Classical Academy. This new milestone will make Lake Lure more noticeable to the counties around us, and will certainly enhance our educational endeavors in many ways.  — Isaiah Beaver

A gymnatorium can be a place where you can exercise, but to me, it’s a place where you can have PE or plays!  Imagine you are in a huge, dark room when a single light shines on a massive stage as an actor appears and tells you about the play.  Lights go off, but when they come back on, a new background of a forest appears.  As you watch, you are enveloped into the plots and characters, but as it ends, you are both happy and sad that it’s all over.  This can happen when there is a gymnatorium because people have more room for equipment and activities.  It will let students at LLCA and all of the town of Lake Lure be able to see more plays and games such as basketball, and so much more. So let’s be honest: this gymnatorium is going to be amazing!   — Adler Knight

A gymnatorium is something you probably heard of before.  Do you recognize the syllable, gym?  The word is a combination of two things, a gym and an auditorium.  Literally, it is a gym with a stage for things like plays and musicals. This gymnatorium will be so much more than that to the students and town of Lake Lure.  This new gymnatorium means fun, play, and activity to me.  It means we don’t have to go outside in the cold of winter to dribble a basketball for a minute or two.  It means school activities can be expanded, like science fairs or after-school plays.. This gymnatorium will make a large impact, not just for Lake Lure Classical Academy, but for the entire town of Lake Lure.  Events, fairs, musicals, dances, and more could be held for the town.  It will change so much for everyone in Lake Lure! — Grace Bowman

Pictured, sixth grades student writers (from left to right): Grace Bowman, Sofia Royal, Adler Knight, Bailey Lampke and Isaiah Beaver pose outside the new Gymnatorium. The school is holding a Grand Opening Ceremony for the new 18,032-square-foot facility on May 17th. Photo by Alanna Kremzar, 6th Grade Junior Reporter.

When I was questioned by my teacher about the new gymnatorium I thought about how it can hold many events and how it will be a place for not just exercise, athletics, and physical education purposes, but for many other events.  Some of these other events will include plays and theater performances, not to mention the coffee house!  Many people outside of Lake Lure Classical Academy can also benefit from this because more people will want to come to Lake Lure for these events.  There could also be events hosted by people outside of Lake Lure.  This gymnatorium will be loved by all!   -Sofia Royal

My first thought about a gymnatorium is that it’s a huge building where people can play sports. What a new gymnatorium means to me is a place where we can do plays, have dance parties, and even watch movies with friends. It will add so much to Lake Lure Classical Academy because right now, when it’s raining outside, we can’t go out and play on the basketball court.  This will be an awesome enhancement to Lake Lure Classical Academy and for the town of Lake Lure.  — Bailey Lampke