by Mary Karr

What a joy it is to wake up on a glorious morning in May and glance outside at my English Cottage garden and see the magic of nature unfolding in the mass of beautiful flowers opening their buds.

Art transcends geographic locations.  Beethoven and Shakespeare are beloved in Japan, and Japanese prints are adored in Mexico.  The Lascard Cave paintings crafted in the Stone Age continue to enthrall viewers on the internet.  The faces of Botticelli’s Venuses can appear on the covers of a fashion magazine.  Paintings, drawings, sculptures, in fact, all of the arts can appear across the barriers of time and space with a direct and immediate and alive language of its own.

“The artist is the person who makes life more interesting or beautiful, more  understandable or mysterious, or probably, in the best sense, more wonderful.”

George Bellows

One of the pleasures of the Lake Lure art group is to visit the many other art galleries and museums in towns near the Hickory Nut Gorge.  In the past we have visited the great Museum of Art in Greenville, SC, principally to view their permanent exhibit of Andrew Wyeth’s.  However, a treat is in store for us is May, the time to celebrate spring and the exciting time for flowers to shine in all their glory.  The Greenville County Museum of Art is inviting us to come and enjoy the perfect pairing of fresh flowers and fine art at Fine Art an Flowers the weekend, May 3-5.

The entire weekend will be abloom with beautiful and fragrant displays created by local floral designers and garden enthusiasts as they interpret the museum’s permanent collection of American art, in addition to admiring the art and arrangements.  Throughout the weekend guests can enjoy an ikebana demonstration, special speakers, and a “Bouquet to Go” workshop.  The Greenville Museum of Art is located at:

                  420 College Street

                  Greenville, SC 29601


The many years it has been my privilege and joy to host a garden party for my fellow Lake Lure artists in April.  We celebrate the season of rebirth by gathering together to paint, photograph and just socialize with each other.  If you missed the occasion this year please stop by our home when you are nearby and visit us.  My garden is waiting for you.

The Lake Lure Artists continue to grow, and we hope provide the community with a little of the pleasure we find in working with each other.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever; its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.”

  John Keats