By Bryant Williams

A couple who are our friends are spending six months in Paris.  Ron, the husband, sent an email with a list of ten things about living in Paris ending each listing with “You know you are in Paris”.  Well, here are ten things confirming that you are living in Lake Lure!

1.              If you go outside in the morning and take a deep breath of fresh clean unpolluted air, You are in Lake Lure.

2.              If you sit on the porch with your second cup of coffee and there is hardly a sound except maybe a bird peeping, You are in Lake Lure.

3.              If you watch the sun rising, casting shadows on the mountains across the lake to a constantly changing the scene, You are in Lake Lure.

4.              If a pontoon boat glides slowly by with a party having a party and they wave and greet you cheerfully, You are in Lake Lure.

5.              If you are sick or incapacitated for a period and delicious food dishes keep coming through the door, You are in Lake Lure.

6.              If you go into a local restaurant or downtown shop and most everyone calls you by your first name, You are in Lake Lure.

7.              If you can go out for a little paddling cruise or fishing trip in your canoe without being capsized by a passing jet ski, You are in Lake Lure.

8.              If you want recreational activities like golf, tennis, swimming, water skiing, fishing, boating, or hiking, close at hand, You are in Lake Lure.

9.              If you would like an array of places to dine, from fine dining at a historic inn to a sandwich shop, but no fast-food outlets, You are in Lake Lure.

10.           If with the nearest traffic light 20 miles away you may consider it remote, but in an emergency, dial 911 and in less than 5 minutes there will be a police car, an ambulance and a fire truck at your location, That‘s Lake Lure.