by Randy Snyder

The RBFFG (Rumbling Bald Friendship and Fun Group) has been very busy during a year of transformation since May of 2018, and I would like to reiterate our mission along with our passion and a bit of our history.

In the early 90’s the Rumbling Bald Resort Home Owners Association (HOA) was formed basically as the social counterpart to the property owners association (POA) of Rumbling Bald Resort’s residents exclusively.  Over the years the optional household membership (HOA) varied from less than 100 to over 200 households.  The officers with good intention kept the membership exclusive to property owners of the resort and were supportive of the resort by having their events in resort owned venues.  The committees worked with resort management by having most, if not all, of the events on Sunday evenings, historically the most open night of the week to schedule events at the resort’s Lakeview venue.

Later in the 90’s residents, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Kessel and others, met with Lake Lure lakefront owners at the house of Mr. and Mrs. John Noble and decided a separate social organization joining lakefront owners and resort residents would be beneficial to all.  The end result is the “Newcomers,” currently thriving under the same name with over 200 households belonging.

Here is a brief history of how the rejuvenation of the RBFFG came about:

  • In 2015, after 25 events (attendance from 70 to 130) at the resort, an event was held, by popular request at the Burnt Shirt Vineyard in Hendersonville and over 70 attended. Nonetheless, events continued to be held at the resort on Fridays and Saturdays by request of members in lieu of Sunday only events.
  • The resort continued to expand their event calendar, and it became increasingly difficult to reserve suitable venues for the HOA events.
  • With resort management changes, necessary scrutiny was focused on profitability, and our traditional pricing model was no longer possible as we tried to provide entertainment, decorations, and other related expense at a reasonable price to members.
  • We held many successful events at venues outside of the resort to satisfy membership and offer good value.  Many guests (Hickory Nut Gorge residents) attended these events and asked to join.

Due to these reasons, the executive committee of Rumbling Bald Resort HOA met in May of 2018 and opted for a name change culminating in Rumbling Bald Friendship and Fun Group and a new comprehensive website;  The most significant change was to continue offering events at various venues including resort venues and opening up membership to households outside of the resort.  The requests for membership were surprising, and we grew to 207 households.

 There are noted differences between the Newcomers and RBFFG membership as Crystal Morrison, RBFFG President, explains quoting the RBFFG mission as follows:

The Rumbling Bald Friendship and Fun group differentiates itself from other social groups in the area by offering events of a meal and entertainment for a reasonable price that don’t require you to bring anything except yourself.  We take advantage of the unique venues in our area and work to provide great meals that are themed for the event and season.  We use the annual membership fee, $35 per family, as a pool to fund event entertainment.  The cost of food is a ‘pass through’ charge per event.  All events are open to all residents of the Hickory Nut Gorge.  

The Newcomers group features bi monthly pot lucks, hiking, bunko groups and more.  Both groups are run by volunteers and have websites, email updates, directories and communications.

For RBFFG information visit our website: Newcomers website is:

Randy Snyder is past president of RBFFG.

Photos courtesy of Buddy Morrison Photography