Kudzu is climbing up trees and telephone poles, turtles can be seen basking on water soaked tree limbs, kayakers and skiers have suddenly multiplied overnight and lawn mowers are revving up with that sweet cut-grass smell to follow.  Our bimonthly “Breeze” becomes a monthly newsmagazine in July and August to meet that summer demand, and folks can’t get enough of that sunshine and water mix. Summer is finally here, and it’s ‘high season’ for residents, customers and guests in our larger Hickory Nut Gorge community once again. 

This July Breeze edition contains a wide range of news and themes for your summer reading pleasure. Take a look at Bob Keith’s coverage of noteworthy local events – page 8, local arts – page 16, Lake Lure Flowering Bridge activities – pages 21 and 47, Big ideas for small businesses and Your Chamber at work – page 32, a snake lover’s encounter with a snake – page 39, an inspirational message – page 34, living off the grid – 43, meet a relative of flag maker, Betsy Ross – page 45. Now, that’s enough! Just keep paging through this Breeze edition to find that single story which strikes you as funny, helpful, extraordinary or simply memorable.

Enjoy this time of year. As Bryant Williams states in his poem on this page, “So get off your duff and take advantage of this stuff”.

As a final note, our community was shocked over the passing of Lake Lure Mayor Kevin Cooley. Kevin was a wonderful friend to so many.  You will find a fitting tribute to him from the Town of Lake Lure on page 5. Peace to his memory.

So don’t waste any time getting on with summer – have fun , now!