By Bryant Williams

We’re ready now for summer, ‘cause the winter was a bummer.
It’s time to put the heavy coats away.
We’ve run the clocks ahead so we get out of the bed,
And have an extra hour of daylight every day.

The ski boats are out skimming, and some folks are going swimming.
Soon the fairways on the golf courses will be green.
Guests and tourists soon will come, and this place will start to hum.
We’ll welcome young and old and those between.

Rocky River and the lake are full of fish for one to take,
And throughout the Gorge are happenings galore.
There are shows for crafts and arts, and foods to warm our hearts.
It’s a fun time from the hills down to the shore.

But alas it will not last, and soon the summer will be past,
And we’ll think of all the things we should have done.
So let’s get off of our duff, and take advantage of this stuff.
Let’s get out there and have ourselves some fun.