by Deborah Eisenhut

Years ago, Al Jolson and much later, Perry Como sang about “hot diggity dog” and we came to know the interjection was expressing extra excitement or anticipation. Although we are a month late for National Hot Dog month, let’s see just how “hot diggity” dog “toppings” are proof you can teach an old dog new tricks. Each state has a famous “topped” dog so I have chosen of few of the more interesting and delicious sounding for you to try at home. New Yorker’s may favor their toppings over Chicago patrons but there is no doubt to the popularity of hotdogs consumed in America, with loyalty by region beyond reason. Americans eat billions of hot dogs yearly partly because they are so easy to prepare and serve. Whether at a ballpark, dog cart, restaurant or backyard, hot dogs are a “diggety” thing. As a tribute to a number one American summer treat, with mustard as the most popular topping and ketchup number 8, try some of the following wild new ones!

Life long residents of Rutherford County and Lake Lure, Linda and David Matheny enjoy their new home on Amelia Island, Florida.

Chicago style are part dog and part salad. Top a boiled frank with onions, tomatoes, pickles, short peppers, green relish, celery salt and mustard…wow.

LA hot dogs are grilled all beef wrapped in bacon, smothered with melted mozzarella cheese, topped with crunchy bits of chicken tenders, ranch dressing and Buffalo sauce. Double wow.

Cincinnati dogs are a beef frank on a toasted brioche bun heaped with poached egg, ham and American cheese bechamel sauce.

N C dogs are covered with half chili, half onions, and half coleslaw. Try this coleslaw: I cup sour cream, 1/4 cup mayo,

2 Tbls. Sugar, 1 Tbls. Red wine vinegar all mixed well. Toss and coat into the mix 2 cups sliced red cabbage, 2 cups sliced green cabbage, salt and pepper.

Missouri dogs are covered in swiss cheese, piled on sauerkraut with a thick ribbon of brown mustard.

New Mexico franks are covered with chili and cheese, broiled and topped with Fritos and sour cream.

California dogs are grilled with bacon and tons of avocado slices on the side.

Hawaii franks are of covered with chopped SPAM and pineapple. Of course they are!

Connecticut do hotdogs in a bun with parmesan cheese, dotted with little neck clams; broiled then topped with sliced garlic and oregano. Oh boy!

Iowa dogs are covered in a hot succotash mix of corn-lima bean mix with chopped peppers on top.

Kentucky franks are bacon wrapped and baked then covered with sliced turkey and mornay sauce…then broiled. Wow oh Wow!

Hope you all will enjoy celebrating a summer well enjoyed. Be safe and happy eating!